Maybe, just maybe, the Liberals have finally started running in the marathon for the next 2 years. It is one thing to pace yourself, but letting your opponent run away out of sight is not a good marathon running strategy either. Here is to hoping that the Liberals follow through with many, many more housing measures in the months to come.

But wait, there is more, if you can do this with housing, you can also do this in other areas where the federal government gets blamed for provincial failures. Let’s deal with healthcare. Focus on specific measurable outcomes, % of people with a family doctor. Number of weeks on the wait list for a routine procedure. If a province wants federal dollars, it needs to commit to meeting these goals.

And while you are putting the pressure on supermarkets, let’s do the same with telecom and airlines. Nothing will be more popular than reducing cell phone costs by a factor of 2. Yes, the lobbyists from Bell, Telus and Rogers will scream murder, but who cares?

There are so many areas to be bold, let’s get busy.

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Sorry but, to little to late. The Liberals have not taken this issue seriously when they and everyone else saw it coming. It's shamefull quite frankly.

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I think something stinks about Abacus methodology. Their poll is stark contrast to Nanos. That said their poll should also scare a lot of people, who remember Harper.

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Well, at least the Liberals are finally taking housing seriously, as you point out. But look at what it took to get them going.

Can they also get serious on other economic issues? Their announcements on food prices are not a promising start. Their main instrument, in their announcement, is what used to be called "jawboning" in the U.S., when President Kennedy talked the steel companies into rolling back price increases. But other successes have been few and far between. Taxation might be a more i,pactful instrument, but it all depends on the details, which have yet to be worked out.

Speaking of food prices, any thoughts on dismantling supply management, that keeps the prices of dairy and poultry unconscionably high? The parties all voted for legislation to prevent any further erosion of the system during free trade negotiations. With any luck, the Senate will kill that Bill. But the system as a whole should go.

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Again most of these polls only poll certain people the only trustworthy one is egos. The liberals have plans up their sleeves, don’t be so quick to sell them short, they have to be careful on how they approach it. The Trump conservatives have a lot of scandals against the law. People’s lives are in danger because these rcons and their attachments to the far right means they are the mob. If the liberals can somehow show the corruption which I hear they are working on. But until people let go of post media and stop buying subscriptions these rags will end like the thousands of jobs cuts they did to workers in media. When a wife has to disconnect with her husband for safety, that proves the mob is here. We need people speaking up on Pierre’s page and canada proud etc educating on truth. Show facts these cheats are the mob mentality. I do that on the think tank pages. I come back with truth, numbers and a open mind. We need to educate on those pages. Open the window to wrongs. But how does the liberals, NDP or Green have a voice when media is corporate, conservative and republicans bought? We have to stop the subscriptions, stop the money. I’ve even written to news sources saying you really wanna post for one side greed? People are gonna hate you when truth gets out. Karma will happen and your greedy business dies

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One more thought came to mind as the three parties talk about their housing plans.

It would appear to me that we are moving to a post political ideology era. Conservatives proposing left wing approaches, Liberals proposing measures that would not look out of place in a CPC platform during the Harper years. Are political parties putting ideas out that they think are marketable as opposed to ideas that fit their supposed political ideology?

To me it all looks like a competition of who is being seen as doing the most on a particular topic (or who is the most passionate). There is less attention for “does this actually work” or “is this the most efficient way to address a problem”.

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