I believe that Notley needs to announce 2 or 3 more of these kinds of measures. A couple of short term, tangible benefits that nobody would really object to. For example raising the tax free personal amount or lowering the tax percentage for the lower tax brackets. She needs to keep reminding the voters that economically she is the prudent choice. She already have the vote of the people who vote on a moral basis.

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We here in the Prairies have always viewed Alberta as "the best" - it attracted the best doctors, the best university professors, the best corporate executives, and so forth. Our perception was that everyone in Alberta loved their province and was proud to live there. Under the UPC, this reputation is now in tatters --doctors leaving, universities losing faculty, corporations in chaos -- I think Albertans are simply embarrassed that their province is now n such a mess. So I believe if Notley adopts a "The NDP Will Make Alberta Proud Again" mantra, this could make the difference. Yes, hammering the UCP for their ineptitude is important - people have to be reminded of this -- but she also had to push forward a positive vision for "investing in Alberta" again.

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What Peter Lougheed stood for, and did, has been wrecked by pretend Conservatives and Reformers.

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This all goes back to the low functioning with inferiority complex, fragile white-anglo ego, deranged hicksbilly collective mental schema though.

I couldn't give a fuck about tarbillies/hillbillies and their beloved trailerpark (and its SKKK trash imports). Change is Evolution but it will always be 1905 in trashbag Berta.

I see the prairies as the shit stain of the planet - it's all the white trash still living in the 1900s that made it such.

Alberta is still the best kiddy snatchers and molesters, greasy fat filthy slobs and deranged tarbillies/hicksbillies.

I really speak much better in other languages unless speaking about anglos in other languages.

Fun endnote: Trashbag Alberta not only has to try to pay people to come here but its whitetrash law even keeps elderly (ie. Retired school teacher) here by after victimizing and revictimizing them, they create legal issues for them so in pursuit of Justice they also have to wait to years relocate.

In public, everyone wants to say hi and get to know me - i only say goodbye to (white trash) albertans 👋

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The Alberta NDP already tried this strategy in their first term: using billions of tax dollars to ship oil by rail and subsidizing electricity rates, of which the latter disproportionately benefit those with large houses instead of low-income households in basement suites and small apartments.

It did not help the cause much then. This Harper-inspired targeted credit also will not help the "working poor" and the middle class nearly as much as the UCP's proposed income tax cut. Hard to see that this is a winner compared to the alternative, at least when we are talking about retail policy offers.

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The UCP are an unmitigated disaster, if there ever was one. What Conservatives? That ship has sailed, when Peter Lougheed ceased being premier of Alberta. Instead, we have had pretend conservatives and Reformers, who took over, and did the most priciest shenanigans, got the worst types of oil royalty rates, and the worst corporate tax rates, disrespected the environment, damaged our public healthcare, and public education systems in Alberta, increased poverty levels, and made things more expensive, through deregulation (utilities), and privatization.

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Thesis: Notley bad for economy

Antithesis: Smith bad for the economy

Synthesis: the world needs more crude-asphalt-tar and the public will continue to spoon feed the round table.

Alberta still gonnas gits er done, yeeeeeeehaws!

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