Although it is only wishful thinking, I’d like to believe that the liberals will get bullish with this and start limiting google and facebook’s ability to operate within Canada. Maybe seize their real estate assets. Maybe start bringing up anti-trust considerations. It would be great to have political leaders that weren’t afraid to play the long game. Google and Meta exiting the Canadian markets entirely would only do good for our collective well-being

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The game of basketball.. changed forever when Somebuddies Important decided Palming, Carrying, Travelling, Illegal Moving Picks were now ‘holding up the game or too old school.. thus WWF of each ‘Rule’ has ensued.. GuardPlay.. is back ! But it’s not Oscar Robertson or Magic, not Pistol Pete

it’s lightning fast guys who juggle carry, palm like conjurers or sleight of hand & make 4 or 5 steps seen as a blur of only 3

The Media now Makes The Rules for Media ‘meddling’ in Politics & they peak at Election Time

(now the Endless Campaign Crusading & ever constant eh !).. just like a spectrum of opportunists & Evangelicals does

The ‘sporting fan’ of ‘Pro Level Good Governance’.. so much the same it’s like a hot playground inner urban court..

& laughable playground ‘rules’ .. Anyone like the idea of an Elon Musk wannabe.. or would be Jordan Peterson

making up ‘rules’ for The Game Of Canada ? Trust me.. it would be Septic Tank Rules

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I may be wrong but I got the impression the kids have long abandoned Facebook once the parents flocked to the site. Places like TikTok and Instagram are more hip while Facebook has become the domain of aging boomers.

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Yes, and... instagram is owned by the same parent company as Facebook and will follow suit with Facebook

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Google is a habit more than a product with considerable competitive advantage. There a other excellent search engines. If Google chooses to not have stuff that others have, it’s very easy to switch and develop new habits that are equally convenient and capable. This isn’t quitting drinking, it’s switching from Molson to Labatts.

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Canada is a fairly small market for Google and Meta, but what happens in Canada could become a standard for what could happen in the EU, UK and perhaps even the US. Is suspect this is driving Google and Meta’s thinking right now.

At the same time it is an opportunity as well. If they can come up with something workable in Canada, it could be something that can be copied in other jurisdictions as well. And it is probably easier to negotiate with Canada than with the EU or the US (and the UK government is a complete chaos at the moment, no opportunity to have sensible discussion there).

Evan is completely correct. So far everything has been completely as expected and the interesting discussions start now.

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Masai and JT can both thank their lucky stars that we can still Google coverage of the former’s Order of Canada appointment...for now!

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What gets me triggered is Google and when you ask for a story they display all the garbage news but never cbc or those that matter. I find Google absolutely crap these days. Wikipedia is crap too. Facebook even worse. I’m mostly back to books. And trying to set people on the right path not the garbage news. It’s frustrating to read misleading information and those with the money get the attention on Google first. I can’t find anything decent anymore when I search. I think the Liberals are just as tired as most of us on having misinformation being shared. Trudeau is a compassionate leader and is trying to help everyone. And our media has gone full on opinions no facts. If Google gives only the opinion news and not the facts, they have created a uneducated bunch of citizens. They are trying not like the conservatives and their money corporations that are out of control and have no problem manipulating people. Liberals are pretty open to listening to suggestions so I would suggest contacting them or writing what you think might be the answer? They use people with credentials, but how long before that toxic hate gets to a person? His dad got fed up so why do people literally destroy better people? There is so much negativity by conservatives and a few NDP I’m exhausted from their attacks. People left Harper alone but Trudeau gets the hell knocked right out of him, he literally works darn near 6 days out of 7 and how dare he take a vacation when Harper was never in Canada. I used to be a news buff now I’ve written it off and Google has swamp dived into the money pit. Personally I’m tired of the Google/Facebook swamp. I’m a researcher with books and experiences Google does nothing for us and has literally removed information. It’s fact that Harper had lots removed from Google, what I used to see has now been deleted. Thank goodness I kept some screenshots as proof.

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i need two serious & very careful rereads ..

& glad yer doin the heavy lifting.. & thinking

the ‘medium’ is shaking & baking ..quaking

..sail on sailor ..

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