This is how private health milks our system in Alberta.

Rebecca Lippiatt writes on Facebook

“Two anecdotes: my ex needed cataract surgery. He went to a private clinic (the wait time was initially horrendous, but AHS threw some money at it). When he got there, he was told if he wanted the AHS covered option, he could get one eye done now, and one in 3 months. However, if he wanted to upgrade the lenses to a fancier option, he could have both eyes done now, at the same time and it would cost $7000 for the upgraded lenses. So - the private surgical facility was perfectly able to do both eyes at the same time, but split it into two surgeries for the public, which is where most of the cost is (the act of surgery, not the price of the lenses). {Its been a while, but i think there was actually a longer wait time, and he could have or did pay an extra $6000 to get to the front of the queue. So it was 1.covered by AHS - long wait time. 2. An extra $6000, go to the front of the queue. 3. $6000+7000, but AHS paid the $6000, and he'd get the fancy lenses, and no wait time. }

Second anecdote: my cousin was having issues with her knees. Both same issue. She was sent to a privately delivered, publicly funded imaging place. They made her make two appointments. She even asked when she was there for the first one if she could get both knees imaged at the same time and they said nope - two appointments. ..... So, when Cooper or Copping or whatever his name is says the privately delivered option is 20% cheaper - I'd bet it's 20% cheaper, but do not doubt for one second that they have come up with that number to sell it to the public, but that the actual cost of the entire surgery is going to be 80% more than a publicly funded, publicly delivered option.”

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I don’t think Jagmeet is lying. And I don’t think he thinks he’s lying. The conservatives truly are trying to turn this country into a mini USA.

We in Alberta have HCAP. The Health Care Action Plan which should be known as the Health Care Privatization Plan. We are on steps 1 and step 2,

as successive conservative governments have been killing public health care with the death by a thousand cuts. Step 3. will come when the election is over and we run out of oil money again.

1. Starve the public system of money, stop hiring full time help so you don’t have to pay benefits to nurses and hospital aids, Make residencies for foreign doctors next to impossible to achieve. Close beds because even though the building is there and so are the literal beds, they must stay empty because there are not enough qualified doctors, or even money to pay people to wash the floors.

2. Because of the crisis caused by step 1, bring in private clinics that somehow manage to hire doctors from other countries. Open specialty private surgeries that only take the easy surgeries, effectively skimming the cream from the system while paying public money to private investors, increasing the cost by 25 percent and poaching doctors and nurses from the public hospitals.

3. Tell the public that we, the government, just can’t pay for all this expensive health care anymore and therefore must allow the rich to pay to jump the wait list.

4. Two tiered health care.

5. American medical inequality, where only the rich can afford medical treatment and the poor die or lose their homes paying for their healthcare.

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I’m no fan of Singh at all, I had hoped at first but before the second last election he became full on reformed conservative. But with drinking with conservatives they sure are wanting American style healthcare, they wanna become a American state. The reformed conservatives have a huge relationship with the worst republicans out there including Atlas. Our SaskParty is hiring American companies over our own, they have given a American company a department called SaskTel virus scam department. Why? Is our crown work going to an American company over our own? Moe gets the company to rent a office in Saskatoon then gives them the contracts not to our companies right here. But what Singh has said is nothing compared to the daily lies that hurt people by the reformed conservatives. Imagine if Pierre got in and did what he’s planned all along was to rid of federal pensions and EI so no maternity leave. But instead pushed Trudeau hate, and those people who fell for it, now look in shock when he does it. I’m laughing even though this affects me after SaskParty criminally hurt me and my finances, I believe totally on purpose. Because the crucifying hasn’t stopped. To me Singh is not a leader but his lies sadly on Twitter backed the reformed conservatives regime nearly word for word then changes his tone again. But I find him weak but not near the liar like conservatives like I’m guessing you would agree with. Our politicians are to oppose policies but instead cons are using venom and Singh followed them against Trudeau. I blame his head federal workers for directing him wrong. I’m beginning to wonder if the federal NDP can’t find anyone else to run

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You may have a point here, Evan, but it is not a big one. The big one is that the Ford government is extending the range of for-profit medicine. They claim that the government will pick up the whole tab and the patient will never be out of pocket; that remains to be seen. This is a part, though not all, of the US 'system' - the Medicare or Medicaid part.

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Also a friend recently had shoulder surgery which went well. But she paid 5000.00 to get to the front of the line. Otherwise she would have had to wait another 3 months just to get an assessment.

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No fan of Jagmeet but I have no doubt Doug Ford will start passing the cost of private provision to individuals. If the province can't afford to fund the public system, it certainly can't afford the for-profit system. Doug can claim this won't happen but how many lies does Doug Ford need to tell before people start understanding his word is worth nothing.

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I haven’t believed for a long time that Jag is better than Poilievre, he’s just a different kind of liar. To me he’s become as repugnant as PP so I turn him off when he starts his pressers. His “when I’m PM” shtick is laughable.

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