.. Nathaniel was a schoolmate of my son growing up.

He’s ‘the real deal’ no getting around that ! But I’m stunned he’d even want to lead the Provincial Liberal Party. But my Love points out that with their two young kids hitting school age, it may make a lot of sense working from Queen’s Park versus Ottawa & may be a springboard to PM. I will offer my unusual ‘talents’ - expert level Producer, Director, Writer, Video Editor, Shooter, PhotoShop & Photographer.. they called us Freelance ‘Preditors’ for good reason

PS.. my pick for a future PM might be Kirsten Duncan, another ‘real deal’ but sadly has stepped away immediately per undisclosed Medical Issue .. Ms Freeland ? Never Ever🦎

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Have you done a column on a possible lib/NDP merger, both federally and provincially? Would be interested in your thoughts.

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