So you were campaigning for Anita in 2015. Good for you. (I've lived in that riding for 47 years.)

Polls today may well not indicate who wins in a year and a half. But politicians act as if they do. As you point out, the feds would not be acting on housing if it were not for the polls. So polls today turn out to be very important.

But I think that, while polls are informative for politics, they are not informative for policy. They mostly reflect the state of ignorance of those surveyed, and perhaps how to manipulate them. They do not indicate what is the right thing to do for the country (or province, or municipality). That is the whole problem with populism.

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The beat goes on, but I don’t think it is business as usual.

A few months ago we were wondering here on this forum when Trudeau and the Liberals would finally start acting on the issues people care about. Well, today’s budget, and all the announcements leading up to it, clearly addresses several issues that people care about. It might be too little too late, but then again, 18 months is a long, long time.

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With apologies to The Kings... my question is if this beat goes on, when will parties be switchin' to glide?

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.. you grabbed ‘& the beat goes on’ from me.. and I grabbed it from back in my VJ & DJ daze in Banff Alberta..

the analogy of ‘Business As Usual’ is better in my view.. but The Boss is all conquering in her jacket from grateful ‘roadies..

emblazoned with ‘The Show Must Go On.. yet is currently shutting down Early Morning Productions.. ‘evermore quoth the raven..

What happens to Poilievre after he Crashes & Burns - akin to Daedalus.. ?

Or will he be borne to safety by archangels resembling Plymouth Brethren ?

Like - what do The Polls Say.. If/When he Loses in Carleton Federal Riding.. ?

Because that Riding - Like it or NOT.. can RUIN Him.. & the Harper CPC all a’twonce

& pretending Jenni Byrne & Fred DeLorey & Ray Novak & the rest can’t Fuck Up

with an Overwhelming Onslaught of dreary Wonderfullness of Pierre Poutine in a T-Shirt

has to be the perfect Poetic ‘Parasitic End Times’ of such an astonishing malignant narcissist ..

& the beat goes on .. all the way back along his toxic ‘public servant’ BackTrail & Rags to Riches

‘Smartest Guy In Every Room.. with Jenni Byrne By His Side ..

I truly pity his little children.. simply due to the Company he Keeps.. & who he’s become..

whatever it is he’s self groomed himself into becoming ..

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If Biden does actually pull it off and beats Trump in November he should send a thank you note to Putin. If you recall during his interview with Tucker Carlson Putin actually admitted he preferred Biden over Trump. Trump was just a little bit too unpredictable for his liking.

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