Maybe the liberals are sick and tired of the hate and media lies. When you try to do good for the people then you get a rampage of hate speech, lies, sabotage and slander add invented costly false propaganda if I was the liberals I’d hand out a lot of F you’s. Disrespect and lies are toxic to a person. We have a lot of conservatives willing to pay for misinformation. Trudeau is a hard worker and is in Canada more then Harper ever was. He’s had trauma but no one gives him a break. If we lose the liberals we stand to lose everything that made Canada great. I can’t live without a pension. Why is this even a thing? He won’t take our socialism away. And Singh will never get in. So Pierre is it? Really? I’d have to commit suicide bc homelessness as a 4 chronic ill person I’d never survive our winters. Come see what SaskParty has done to me? It’s a mob mentality

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Would you agree your loyalty to Trudeau, is as strong as MAGAs loyalty to Trump?

Aged 50+, conspiracy theorists (claiming that Globe and Mail worked with CSIS to fabricate the Chinese interference), pro-censorship... diehard Trudeau supporters and diehard Trump supporters are the same.

If Trudeau wants a break, he could take a break from being PM and give it to someone with a thick skin who can take the heat.

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Lol you certainly relate as a troll, a hater like you trying to tie our PM as like Trump when their politics are different, good try but obviously you slept through class on politics. How much do you bought trolls get paid by conservatives?

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Oct 26, 2023·edited Oct 26, 2023

I’d say that Trudeau did get his break. Scrimshaw was far from the only commentator who was noting how long the Liberal’s polling stayed high even as polling around their policies and national progress got worse and worse.

Voters have given Trudeau unprecedented opportunities to respond to their expectations. But it’s obviously not an unlimited blank cheque and, for better or worse, patience appears to have run out

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Lol did get his break? Are you seriously kidding? My gawd. Do you have ten hands and a party destroying you? I beg to defer this man has been raked over the coals, tried giving administration out to get things done. Then comes Poilievre and conservative premiers wasting our money and creating false scandals that take up time. He’s a hard worker who gets shit on by both right and left then left with Sabotage by farm rage’rs. Media who accepts money by conservatives willing to print misinformation. Why do people blame the wrong person? Why do the conservatives get away with corruption, slander and sabotage? Why is media now about money and false stories? Have you watched Harper years? People were left behind as scandals against the law were happening by rcons. They had no pandemic besides SAR’s and then Harper and Scheer delivered body bags instead of medicine. It’s getting tiring the excuses and lies. Negativity brings bad emotions and toxicity we need him to stay in or we lose everything we paid into, I know because my provincial government did it to me. We have the mob over the old school hate. I want my pension I paid into. Keep Pierre’s hands off it

We stand to lose everything good in Canada over hate? This election is important to our daily life, we may lose everything we worked for. While Pierre’s group pockets the money

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Oct 26, 2023·edited Oct 26, 2023

Why do people blame the wrong person? Why do the conservatives get away with corruption, slander and sabotage?

Largely because Trudeau has let them. Let’s be clear, taking the lead on communication *is* the job. And Trudeau has been completely missing in action on cost of living and economic issues for quite a while.

Yes of course a huge amount of it is being caused by provincial decisions. But where is any examples of Trudeau going on the offensive? Where is he saying “yes, Canadians are getting economically screwed, and here’s who should be held accountable”?

Of course Poilievre would be terrible. Of course. But you only get what you fight for, and Trudeau isn’t fighting to win. Better, worse, deserving, none of that functionality enters into it

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I disagree when conservatives own all media you’re basing on not hearing point’s because you watch media to tell you. He gets no media

Everything he does gets twisted and sabotaged. Oh he’s fighting but gets no media coverage. Nothing good he does, does not get reported. How do you not know that? He should be accountable lol have you not seen the good he’s done and the top ratings? He doesn’t play dirty politics he opposes where conservatives are about dirty politics and the money to control media. You’re just coming up with excuses because we are all frustrated. Corporate gouging and bought media comes from the Hitler aria.

I wish he would get more attention and aggressive but he’d be dead if he did. Bad enough people speaking openly

About killing him. His wife and kids threatened. And papers like the national post that scream misinformation

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.. polling.. polling .. it’s all about the polling.. the polling.. the polling all about the pol.. .... lin.. gh .. gaahh

the gawd almighty .. polls.. daily polls .. & the news today is.. SPAM IN THE PARTISAN CAN ..Poll PROCLAIMS ..

h/t ‘Not The RIGHT STUFF’


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Oct 26, 2023·edited Oct 26, 2023

I do not think this makes any sense. The only reason for an austerity budget is the noise that the CPC will be making in the next 2 years. Nothing else. A leaner budget in Canada will have zero impact on inflation and interest rate increases or decreases.

Right now inflation is not driven by budget deficits. This is easy to see when you compare Europe with the Canada and the US. Europe had small increases in the deficits during Covid, and are back to small (3% of GDP) or zero deficits (as part of the Euro single currency requirements). Canada and US ran massive deficits during Covid, like 15-20% of GDP. Yet, Europe experienced a much sharper inflation and for a longer duration. Canada and US experienced much lower inflation rates (compared to the rest of the world). Hence, inflation is driven by other factors like a war in Ukraine, massive disruption of supply chains and an unbalanced labour market.

The desire to have a leaner federal budget is purely political. The world economy will settle (barring any additional wars and other unforeseen events) and inflation will get return to more historical values. The Liberals and Freeland will be able to claim “see it worked”, but in reality they had zero influence. Nevertheless, Freeland will make a victory lap, all thanks to Poilievre making the incorrect direct link between deficit and inflation.

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I’ve yet to read a word - just the title - awarded an automatic ‘like’ & will state this - then read

- The ENTIRE CPC War Effort from the Harper Ray Novak HighTable > Poilievre > His ex - Jenni Byrne > Caucus > Membership > Embedded MainStreamMedia > to churning sneering RabbleMediaBase has a perma wet dream of The Prime Minister Of Canada abdicating The Palace

Mr Trudeau was quite clear in 2022 or so he would Lead His Government in a Federal Election ‘on or before October 20/2025’ & last I looked at milking time this AM.. it’s currently October 26.. and only one Parasitic Political Party Mutation & ‘leader’ - and all the YellowMedia embedded within the fetid miasma of that Septic Tank Contortion have decided their best ‘strategy’s - ‘Public Service’ is to pretend He Lied.. He’s Weak .. & even worse in my view ! Pretend to Believe he’ll ‘cut and run’ - after anointing Ms Freeland & her ludicrous personal on camera quirk & short stature when listening to questions, shaky or shady ancestry, & pedantic - as if to a four year old.. way of speaking..

Reality ? The Poilievre Consortium have a savant level sneering creep - smartest guy in every room - expert in All Things - lamprey eel level mendacity spewing wonderboy Mantra On Demand - ElectMe InaHurry.. a face it folks.. Behind all the endless incremental pounding, Polling Preaching Propaganda Barrage Campaign.. is this Resignation to Grim Reality


We need to Beat Him In The Court Of Public Perception Propaganda ! !

h/t former MP - purported ‘Public’ Servant Candice Bergin

Thus we see Poilievre escalating to the Viral Absurdity in The Apple Orchard

using local paper Editor as a PUNCHING BAG standin For ‘Turdeau’

Must I Repeat ! EXPECT THIS - on a DAILY BASIS.. Poilievre et al are NOW MEDIA

& if The Medium is the Message - ‘The Massage’ is PartisanPierre ‘& it’s All about HIM’

Malignant Narcissism WRIT LARGE .. 4 .. PM

thankee re the rant opportunity .. ! 🦎🏴‍☠️

& dyin now.. to jump into your Post Evan .. always a delight

always challenging .. just the way Journalism was Meant to Be !

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The term "tide of rate hikes" suggests that you are taking a position that prefers low rates. This makes you pro-inflation. The media, of course, insist that any decent political leader could keep both low. Austerity? Sure, if you like job losses and a stumbling economy. The real problem is that 90% of Canadians believe there's an easy answer.

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That’s true, Dan. But the often implied slurs directed at JT (gay, bisexual, pretty, etc) suggest many voters are uneasy with the rise of the feminine in Canadian governance. One woman is ok. Many women appear to raise alarm bells. Note the piece we’re reading. Evan Scrimshaw, so fucking wise (usually), is surely not sexist. But caution is advised. E.g., vitriol directed at the spouses of PMs, Con or Liberal, is breathtakingly awful.

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Good points, but I still think Freeland is still best hope... JT is history.

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.. nah .. thought I explained this.. ?

Plus I checked in with Evan to remind re the post by Fred DeLorey via his site here..

about the real risks .. of something something Trudeau might do..

that only a witless coward & fool would ever do ..

to wit..

cut n run before a savant level ‘runs his mouth’ parasitic political creep - Poilievre

Who’s been feeding the malignant narcissist’s ‘jones’ in his bones in a hurry ..

that he polishes every single day.. ever since somebody actually listened to him

spew Opinionations at the Nation.. on anything & everything

how ya likin that road apple reality .. and yes.. with respect - just my opinion 🦎🏴‍☠️

smartest guy in every room.. like Kenney, like Harper

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You do realize that your suggestions are very much in line with those of Don Martin, John Ivison, and Andrew Coyne all of whom have great trouble with the feminization of governance. You offer no evidence of your hypothesis, and fall back on tradition: Men and math, right?

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If this were the case would I be suggesting that Freeland be replaced with another woman or do you just want to call me a sexist for no reason?

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Martin, Ivison and Coyne criticize anything that is Liberal. I don’t think that it matters for them if the incompetent Liberal of the day is male or female.

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I believe that Freeland was never a good choice to be the Minister of Finance and I think she never actually like the job. She lets PP completely dominate the economic file. She is good and passionate about international affairs not the domestic economy.

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ompletely agree with your take on Anand. She is heads and shoulders above any other current cabinel minister.

The problem is that the ministers with strong potential in 2015 have left. I think of Andrew Leslie, Jody Wilson0Raybouldm and Jane Philpott. Also Bill Morneau, not as PM perhaps, but as a strong economics minister. It is in part because he was not listened to, that we are in this mess. Meanwhile, Mr. Trudeau's diversity picks have, by and large, been unmitigated disasters.

Finally, the running experiment with centralizing all government power in the PMO must stop. Either appoint ministers you can trust, or propose a different kind of government.

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For your info, Andrew Leslie was never minister. He was the government whip and a parliamentary secretary.

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a friends wife works on the Hill for decades in a job that interacts directly with senior members. she knows Trudeau well. only once when very drunk has she ever spoken about her work. She said he is "shocking dumb dumb dumb" but a very nice man. so an accomplished and smart woman has to be sacrificed to save an ego with daddy issues. great.

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.. when did even responding to Partisan conundrum Raging.. a la Poilievre et al Inc

become ‘fighting a righteous battle that can be won..’ ? & ‘Powerfully Brought or Bring ‘It’ Home ..’ ? ? 🦎🏴‍☠️

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Oct 26, 2023·edited Oct 26, 2023

I appreciate that this is one of the only articles that I’ve seen where a major personnel change is followed up with actual policy changes that capitalize on that change. Too many push changes in leadership as if that will magically change perceptions even if policy sails on unchanged.

I disagree that an austerity budget will produce any dividends for the Liberals. People are not angry about generic government spending. They are angry about high living expenses and falling quality of life. Unless the Liberals can somehow tie government cuts to lower grocery prices it’s a meaningless gesture. Probably worse than meaningless as even a small cut to services would be felt immediately by many people.

There’s an old joke that leadership is recognizing where the parade is already going and rushing to the front. The modern Liberals seem uniquely stubborn in rejecting that strategy.

The only thing that will save the Liberals is to become the most vocal advocate for voter’s discontent. Get out front and express that, yes people are hurting, and then go on the attack against any useful target that presents itself. There’s no lack of them, mostly legitimate and mostly unsympathetic. The Liberals wouldn’t have to exactly manufacture scapegoats. But so far they seem more comfortable meekly accepting the opposition’s efforts to make them the scapegoat. An effort that’s working because the opposition are the only ones actively expressing voter’s struggles, even if much of their rhetoric is in bad faith.

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.. boffo bingo .. & there ya go.. my ‘TRUST’ in Scrimshaw ? Validated - Triple AAA Certified ‘Perspective & Journalism ..

& exactly why That Is So - it’s like Michael Harris.. or Patrick Watson or David Climenhaga or Andrew Leach .. Atwood, Farley Mowat

What else can I say ? Enjoy your Jordan Peterson suckholing Pierre with identical QUESTION that AppleScam Polievre punching bag Don Urquhart asked.. ‘ill preparededly it’s said’ - via Propagandistas - virally & worldwide.. but not the Majority of USA owned & controlled by MainstreamMedia who apparently ‘give a FUCKNOT’ re what a Self Destructive Apex Parasitic Creep - on his Malignant Narcissist - Perpetual Pathway To Prime Ministerial GodHead

The potentially Fatal Flaw of AppleChomp in the Orchard.. only awaits the Testimony of Urquhart & how Poilieve4PM found their ‘Patsy4Poilievre’

.. Mr Urquhart is currently in hiding.. btw.. Riddle Me That Evan ? Scoop of the Career - Nine Minutes Long

& he can’t say shit about it.. Can anyone dare to explain.. why That Is The Reality ?

That smell like the poor guy who pointed out Jason Kenney ‘milking taxpayers for personal Profit’

by pretending his Principle Residence was his mommy’s Calgary basement.. remember him ? His name ?

Of course not.. hell no.. he got buried alive via EXTREME PARTISAN HATERS.. & had to disappear himself just to stay alive ..

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"when Bill Morneau resigned/was fired/stepped in front of the train before he was pushed" – it was eight knives in the back, FYI.

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