This is the best column I have ever read that you've written Evan, It is absolutely to the point and needs to be said. Canadian media needs to step up and get the stories straight, no more "stenography".

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I came here after reading some heated exchanges on Twitter expecting to leave an angry comment but this piece had some fair points for me to dig into deeper on references, so thank you for that and for encouraging me to consider the fear Jewish Canadians must be feeling here at home with recent events.

That said, I am having a hard time squaring the idea that criticism of the Israeli government and its policies (which I equate with Zionism and which Jama seems to) is anti-semitism. That seems to be one of the points you're making here and it's one I'm seeing commonly thrown around. I can't say what's in Jama's heart, and I admit that there are some acts of omission combined with her presence alongside some unsavoury statements by others at rallies that give one some doubt on that front - but the statements I've seen her make, mainly the written one that got her censured and more recently about establishment political bias thanks to lobby groups like CIJA, don't seem particularly problematic to me (CIJA has spent over $800k on ~70 active MPs in trips to Israel so they're clearly buying access). Advocating for a ceasefire has to include advocating for an end to oppression and systems of apartheid otherwise nothing will change, and that naturally involves critiques of Zionism and questioning why our politicians are consistently making statements at odds with their constituents.

Sidenote: Jama has a libel case against Ford which I think is separate from the threatened one against the censure that you reference from the article. The libel case seems to have a reasonable chance given how unhinged the Premier's statement was. I don't know whether the Spectator or Jama is conflating the two or if they're one and the same.

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Calling out blatant falsehoods should be common practice for the media, but it is not without risks for media organizations and individual journalists. It is unfortunate, but very real.

Certain politicians are quick to claim bias when media organizations point out their lies and other falsehoods. Individual journalists put their employment at risk when they go farther in calling out lies than what their employer wants to do. And some receive harassment and death threats as result of this.

Currently the risk reward balance for calling out lies is negative. There is no reward for telling the truth and there are massive risks for doing so. And the depressing part is that there does not seem to be a solution for this.

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This one sucks Evan sorry. Your commentary over the course of the last month on the topic of Israel and Gaza honestly isn't great and your characterization of Jama feels gross. I'm expecting more from you.

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Excellent column! Real journalism is a tough job in today's hyper politicized and commercialized environment enabled by 'Social media' where anyone with a hate-on feels empowered.

Thanks for writing this!

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Thank you.

I imagine that it took courage to write and post this. Good for you. If only there were more of you.

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amen hombre.. but if your 2nd last paragraph is fantasy level ..

then your last statement has already come true

hell.. we both know it’s already true

We can’t use terms like ‘Canadian media needs to’ .. not any more ? Or ever again ?

More realistic is ‘what part of Canadian ‘media’ (if any) has any plan at all of stepping up ?

For Maureen - with respect - stepping up to what ? With what result ? Shock & Awe ?

the only question now ?

How radical guerrilla the tearing down of Yellow spectrum Media MUST BE

In order to Lead Stimulate Empower Validate.. A defence of Canada must be ..

and when the Grim Reality Is.. Re need a TACTICAL LEVEL bellingcat COHORT

of what I’ve named ‘Canadian Wolverines’ as per Sun Tzu ‘Know Your Adversary !’

Where Is Our Most Needed Wolverines List.. re all the specialism required

Search ID Background Personal Data History - the Company They Keep

Who’s Money They Take - For Work or Bribe - where are the roots of the CPC War Room

this is all about Pierre.. ride of his life

a vast machine is carrying him to a scheduled arrangement.. and he’s just the guy

phenomenal performer.. shallow as an outhouse hole .. ripening what ? 30 years !

20 years to purportedly many millions.. powerful payoffs non ?

‘media’ including himself - yes.. He Is Media.. He Is The Message.. is anybody listening ?

every single day - he is ‘fronting himself everywhere = 10 hits per day average

They Are Shooting Every Dam Day

every single day - Partisan YellowSpectrumMedia are as well.. Echoing (Shadow Ministering)

indeed essentially Campaigning by ‘Reporting’ him.. whew !

The Mother Ship Of War must have entire Departments encompassing many bureaus

all this integrating together.. and we get to watch the show on TV, Phone, Computer, Pad, In Car everywhere

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