Sitemap - 2022 - Scrimshaw Unscripted

Alberta 2023 Reset: Head Vs. Heart

2022 Year In Review

Jagmeet Thinks Canadians Are Too Stupid To Know He's Lying

If CPC Win, It'll Be In Spite Of Poilievre

Poilievre, "Authoritarianism", And The Culture War Ending

Mississauga Lakeshore Recap: Turns Out Poilievre Ain't Inevitable?

Georgia Runoff: Redemption

Canada: Mississauga Lakeshore Byelection Preview

Smith's Sovereignty Act An Authoritarian Attack

Why Does The Democratic Party Hate Its Voters?

Emergencies Act Inquiry And The Return Of Serious Trudeau

Emergencies Act And Politics Of Nostalgia

Georgia Runoff: Impending Coronation

Alberta: Polls, Byelections, And The Sovereignty Act

Pierre Poilievre And The Crazy Penalty

US Midterm Recap: What The Fuck Happened?

Ford, Strikes, And Lessons Learned

Emergency Act Inquiry And Police Lies

Canadian Conservatism Needs Introspection

Eby And The BC NDP's Looming Crisis

Poilievre's Acts Of Political Emergency

Poilievre's Assumed Brilliance

The GOP's All In Bet

Smith, NDP, And The Battle For Alberta

Herschel Walker's Campaign Just Blew Up

Canada: Poilievre, Dental Care, And Faith

Georgia On My Mind

Canada: Poilievre Honeymoon?

Poilievre And The Zealotry Of Convictions

Poilievre's (Ill-)Discipline Problem

US: Will The Polls Be Quite As Bad As 2020?

NDP: Replace Jagmeet, Or The Party's Dead

Ohio, Alaska, And Candidate Quality

Canada Reset: Poilievre Wins, What Next?

Media Failure And The Politics Of Desperation

Nevada DeepDive And Senate Thoughts

US House: Generic Ballots And Guessing Metrics

Wisconsin Senate: Fuck If I Know

Herschel Walker's Runoff Problem

US Reset: New York 19 And Democratic Surges

Changed In An Unknown Way

Shocks, Polls, And Outcomes

US: GOP Panic

Marquette, Alaska, And Stretch Democratic Targets

Rubio, Demings And The Limits Of Delusion

Journalism Is Not A Neutral Act

The GOP's Tifosi Tragedy

Trump Raid: What's Next?

Poilievre's Youth Surge? Not So Fast

Democrats In Array?

#ScrimshawSix: On Kansas, Michigan, Arizona

Poilievre Truthers And Burning Credibility

Senate Thoughts, And Letting Tomorrow Come Tomorrow

What Happens When Poilievre Wins?

US #ScrimshawSix: Six Midterm Thoughts

Hockey Canada: Burn It All Down

US: Never Getting Burned The Same Way Again

Alberta: The 15 Seats To Decide Government

Senate Reset: Uncertainty Reigns

Goodbye, Jean Charest

Media Failure And Poilievre's Electability

Democrats, Pronouns, And Nostaligia

What Is The Point Of The Alberta NDP?

Memo To Canadian Liberals: How To Fight Poilievre

Trudeau, CPC, And Snap Election Risks

Times/Siena Poll: We're Doing This Shit Again?

#ScrimshawSix: Leger, Nanos, And Federal Polling

Tamara Lich, Political Prisoners, And Compassion

Ohio, PA, State Polls, And Wanting To Believe In Lies

Poilievre Is Making His Life Harder

Pierre Poilievre And Not Swinging At Every Pitch

US: Did Dobbs Give Democrats A Path Back?

Patrick Brown Out: What's Next For The CPC

Media, Convoys, And Being Active Participants

The Canada Day Convoy A Crisis Of Conservatism

Nate Silver's Model An Incoherent Mess

Georgia Poll And Democratic Senate Chances

Media Failure And A Lack Of Common Facts

The Conservative Party's Bad Marriage

Poilievre, Roe, And What It Means For Canada

Michelle Rempel Garner Out: What's Next For The UCP

Poilievre, Mainstreet, And Keeping Perspective

The RCMP Are Still Lying

Pierre Poilievre Is Not Being Underestimated

Canada: Is Trudeau In Crisis?

US: Stop Believing State Polls

Memo To Canadian Media: Stop Appeasing People Who Hate You

Is Prime Minister Poilievre Inevitable?

Pierre Poilievre And The New Right, Same As The Old Right

Alberta Reset: UCP Leadership And Post Kenney Futures

Conservative Leadership: This Is Over

Ontario: Where The Liberals And NDP Go From Here

Ontario Recap: Holy Shit The Liberals Suck

Ontario Post-Mortem (A Day Early)

Pierre Poilievre And Fake Crises

A Conversation Starter On Electoral Reform

NDP Internals And Knowing The End Is Coming

Ontario: Left Consolidation, Half Measures, And The Privilege Of Failure

Ontario Reset: Ford In Majority

Jason Kenney Leadership Review: Holy Shit

Ontario Poll Reset: The Tightening Is Here

Ontario: Horwath, Del Duca, And Driving A Fast Car

Ontario Debate Recap: Not As Bad As Expected

Ontario Reset: Model Wars

Ontario: Time To Panic? Maybe

Ontario Reset: Model FAQs, Polls, Ford, Del Duca, And Debates

Pierre Poilievre, Bitcoin, And Opting Out Of Intelligence

Horwath, Failure, And Out-Driving The Car

UK Labour, Ontario, Ford, And A Global F'ing Realignment

Ontario Reset: Ford, Del Duca, And Who We Really Are

Does A Doug Ford Win Help The Liberals In 2025?

#ScrimshawSix: Ontario Thoughts

Pierre Poilievre, Frank Graves, And A Needless War

Will The Canadian Media Get Out Of The Ditch?

Ontario: Which Of Ipsos, Abacus, Mainstreet Is Correct?

Ford, Ontario, And Winning Without Your Best Stuff

Canadian Media, The Trucker Tax, And Being Unable To Look Away

Can Pierre Poilievre Win?

Ontario: Tell Me Lies Later

Australia Election Preview: Can Morrison Pull The Miracle Again?

Ontario Reset: Key Seats, Tactical Voting, And Toronto Seats

Jagmeet, The NDP, And Broken To Be Rebuilt

Memo To The OLP: Ignore Horwath

US House Reset: #ScrimshawSix And A Model Launch

Canadian Media, Cultural Comfort, And A Tastemaker’s Revolution

Dictator Trudeau And Our Disloyal Opposition

Ontario: Please God, Calm Down

Canadian Media Is Killing Us Too

The Conservative Party Isn't Fit For Purpose

The NDP Just Signed Their Own Death Warrant

Trudeau, Ford, And Singing One You Know

#ScrimshawSix: Tory Leader

Canadian Media, Paikin, And Failure Across The Board

Kenney, Jean, Notley, And Fort Mac Reflections

Horwath, ONDP, And Invisible Opposition

CPC, Skippy, And Getting To The End Of The Day

Canadian Media Is Killing Itself

#ScrimshawSix: Mailbag!

Leslyn Lewis And The Crisis Of Canadian Conservatism

Will The Real Patrick Brown Please Stand Up?

Jean Charest Won't Win

Midterm Reset: Could Democrats Win The House?

Goodbye, Christine Elliott

#ScrimshawSix: Six Thoughts On The Conservative Leadership Race

Ontario: What If Your World Should Fall Apart?

COVID, Convoys, And Broken In Some Unfixable Way

#ScrimshawSix: Six Thoughts On Trudeau, Mainstreet, Nanos, and Charest

For The Love Of God, Ontario Liberals, Shut Up About COVID

New Parties, The PCs, And Elite Comfort

Lightbound, Arrogance, And Choices For Ourselves

Ford, Del Duca, And A Question Of Leadership

Freeland, Quebec, And Quebec's Glorious Contradictions

Canadian Conservatives And The Path To Nowhere

Fournier, Bubbles, And Wishing For A Different Outcome

Pierre Poilievre: Canada's Next Failed Opposition Leader

O'Toole Out: What's Next, And Scrimshaw's Paradox

O'Toole: Conservative Leadership Crisis A Distraction

Convoy, Cranks, And When You're On The Losing End

Senate Reset: Dems Staring Down Barrel Of 47

Alabama, Biden, And Being Who We Wanted

Memo To The Ontario Left: Stop Focusing On Dumb Shit

Scrimshaw Spotlight: Nepean On My Mind

Ford, Del Duca, And Something Worth Fighting For

Wynne, Del Duca, And Running With The Past

Conor Lamb And The Campaign For No One

#ScrimshawSix: The Seats That Will Pick The Premier

Ford, Delusions, And 2022

Memo To Del Duca And The OLP: Don't Go Limp

What Is The Point Of The Ontario NDP?