Sitemap - 2023 - Scrimshaw Unscripted

Silver Bullets And Sudden Changes

Poilievre, "Terrorism", And Media Failure

Jagmeet's Housing Horrorshow

The Hamilton Spectator's Sinister Stenography

Discourse And The Damage Done

Comebacks, Challenges, And The Connoisseur's Curse

Stiles' Fight Is About More Than Jama

Crisis Of Carbon

The Liberals' Freeland Dilemma

Sarah Jama's Sanctimonious Self-Destruction

Legault's LPC Lifeline

NDP's Leverage Lunacy

Exit Music (For A Failure)

Carney, Quebec, And The National Question

Lessons From Manitoba

LPC's Crisis Is Housing, Not Comms

Jagmeet's Dishonourable Delay

Kevin Falcon And BC FC's Last Chance

Emptying The Notebook: OLP Leadership

Canadian Media's India Calamity

Abacus, Housing, And The Best Liberal Day Of 2023

Memo To The Liberals: Fuck Around Or Dig In

Ford, Greenbelt, And Singleminded Focus

Parental Rights, Trans Kids, And How To Respond

Lessons From Error: Poilievre Can Win

LPC: Together, Alone

Jagmeet's Sinking Ship

Memo To The LPC: Housing Solution Cannot Be All Or Nothing

Poilievre, Ford, And Lessons From Past Failure

The Two Poilievres

Break Up Postmedia Or Else

#ScrimshawSix: Abacus, Poilievre, And Ford

The NDP's Crisis Of Language

The Cards You Have

Canada And The Rise Of Nativism Of Necessity

Memo To The Liberals: Build Some Fucking Housing

How To Fight Cultural War

#ScrimshawSix, Ontario: Kanata And Scarborough Edition

Abacus, Byelections, And Maddening Metrics

NES, And How To Fight Cynicism

Liberals' Lingering Longevity

Poilievre's Shack Of Seclusion

Jagmeet's Fake, Plastic Leadership

Memo To The OLP: Don't Assume Tomorrow's Guaranteed

Will The Last NDP Optimists Turn Out The Lights?

OLP Leadership: Bad Faith Feast

Conservatives' Defence Hypocrisy

Poilievre's (Straight) Pride Problem

Poilievre's Atlantic Opportunities

Canada, History, And The Politics Of Patriotism

C-18: Prejudging A Process

Memo To Bonnie Crombie: Liberalism Isn't Optional

Postmedia Star Merger Must Be Stopped

Canada: High Class Bullshit's Limited Value

Schrodinger's Cabinet Shuffle

The Bloc's Changed In A Permanent Way

NDP: Irrelevance, Here We Come

Byelections: The CPC And The Damage Done

New Brunswick, Policy 713, And Blaine Higgs' Gamble

Mainstreet, Oxford, And Byelection Polls

Media, O'Toole, And The Road To Ruin

David Johnston's Necessary Exit

Poilievre's Climate Box

Alberta Election Review: NDP's Deserved Failure

Alberta's Dogmatic Election

Alberta: Janet Brown And Final Thoughts

OLP Leader: I'm With Nate

Federal Election 2023 A Delusional Dream

The NDP Started Something They Couldn't Finish

Alberta Reset: Is It Really A Tossup?

Alberta: Smith In Control

Alberta's Chaotic Middle

Alberta: Notley's Favoured

Alberta: The NDP Have Their Heads Out Of Their Asses

PPC's Portage Possibility

Danielle Smith And The Lake Of Hitler

Michael Chong Is A Victim Of Institutional Failure

CSIS' Leaking Ship A National, Not Political, Crisis

Alberta Election Reset: Premier Notley Or Premier Smith?

Elitism's Double Standard

Calgary's Arena Deal And Smith's 2012 Trauma

Poilievre's Cancerous Complacency Will Cost Him

The NDP Have To Stop Treating Us Like Idiots

NDP: If You Want To Save Your Asses, Replace Jagmeet With Angus

Poilievre's Press Problem

Seats For The Asking

Poilievre's Self-Imposed Straightjacket

Poilievre's Unserious Tactics

Calgary Polls And The NDP's Path

Merger's Farcical Realities

Food Prices And The NDP's Adjacent War

The Ontario NDP's White Flag

O'Toole, Poilievre, And Dental's Political Trap

Smith, Justice, And Relationships Of Obligation

Treason's Tragically Flawed Logic

Global's Glorious Gamble

Treason's Desolate Hillside

Comms For The Asking

Leaks, Op-Eds, And The Great CSIS-RCMP War

Johnston, The Trudeau Foundation, And Journalistic Poison

Interference: Liberals Aren't Paying A Price (Yet)

Treason's High Bar

Alberta: Are The NDP Running Out Of Time?

Research Co And The Other Form Of High Class Bullshit

Nathaniel Erskine-Smith On Ethics, Democratic Renewal, And The Point Of The OLP

Foreign Interference And CSIS Leaks

Poilievre And The Party For No One

Jagmeet, Poilievre, And Divergent Paths

Tory’s Resignation A Moral Necessity

The Politics Of Emotion

Alberta: If The NDP Barely Cares, Why Should We

Health Care Summit Shows Liberals At Their Best

The Politics Of Important Irrelevances

Amira Elghawaby, The Bloc, And The Politics Of Hatred

The Liberal Party's Crisis Of Comms

OLP Letter: Old Guards' Last Stand

Jagmeet, Lies, And Dishonesty

Memo To The Alberta NDP: Coherence, Please

2023 Election? Nope

Danielle Smith And A Defamatory Truth

Trudeau And The Politics Of Division

Nanos, Midterm Polls, And High Class Bullshit

Memo To Jagmeet: Piss Or Get Off The Pot

Ontario, Ford, And "Private" Health Care

Health Care Crises And Serious Trudeau

Jordan Peterson Is Just Not This Important