Sitemap - 2021 - Scrimshaw Unscripted

2021 Recap: What I Got Wrong, Right, And Lessons For 2022

Strategy Sessions: How To Maximize Dem House Chances

Sunday Strategy: The GOP's Likely, But Narrow, Majority

Boris Johnson, Christmas Parties, And When Privilege Runs Out

Abrams, Georgia, And Lies Later Told

2022, Small Chances, And Best Strategy

Beto, Texas, And A Losing Fight Worth Having

Obama, Biden, Beginnings, Endings, And Salvation

Moocher States And The Fight For The Soul Of The Democratic Party

Alberta: NDP Need An Answer Beyond UCP Bashing

Scrimshaw Spotlight: College Station, Texas

A Crisis Of Conservative Compassion

Sunday Strategy: How Dems Can Give Themselves The Best 2022 Chance

Virginia, 2022, And Tilting At White Windmills

Joe Biden And The Political Cost Of The Accidental President

Virginia: Red Wave Crashes Onshore

Virginia: Final Thoughts

Virginia: 5 Days Out, McAuliffe Favoured

Virginia: Leave Me (Like You Found Me)

Virginia, McAuliffe, And Suburban Stagnation

Virginia, 2022, And Writing The Ending Early

Unwarranted Faith

Realignments And The Two Americas

Can Democrats Win Back Working Class Whites?

2022 Reset: What’s The Case The GOP Are Favoured?

Is Virginia A Tossup?

NDP Autopsy: Jagmeet Must Resign

Canada Recap: There Was No Tory Path

Canada Preview: Trudeau's Liberals Returned, Minority Likely

Quebec, The Majority, And Stepping In Front Of The Bus

Canada Upset: Liberal Majority?

Canada: Kenney's Campaign Bombshell

Recall Recap: Rush Of Blood To The Head

PPC Rising And The World Turning Away

Canada: The Election We Were Always Having

Canada, Forum, And Panic For Lack Of Anything Better To Do

Canada Update: Could The Tories Lose Seats?

#ScrimshawScrapbook: Canada Update Ten Days Out

Canada Debate Review: A Waste Of Time

Canada, A Good Life, And Not Weakening

Canada Catchup: Breathe, Keep Breathing

Canada Update: Is There A Conservative Path Now?

Reports Of Democratic Death Are Greatly Exaggerated

Canada Reset: Ontario, Polls, And Can The Tories Win?

NDP Surges And Vote-Splitting Risks

2022, UK Locals, And The Midterm Penalty

Canada Catchup: Hilarious Panic

2020, 2022, And A Narrative In Search Of Facts

2022, And The 2010 Myth

Canada: Suburban Montreal's Majority Makers

Canada Preview: Trudeau's Unlosable Election

South Carolina, Virginia, And The Intrigue Bias

Abortion, Democrats, And Understanding The New Map

Florida And The Useless Act Of Rebellion

A Failure Of Ego

Suburban War

Pennsylvania: Lamb Or Fetterman?

2022: Death Of A Narrative

Outcomes, Process, And 2022

Fighting The Next Fight

Canada: God The Conservatives Suck

Shaw, Ossoff, And The Second Time Around

New York City Mayor: An International Joke

2022 And Self Fulfilling Prophecies

Sunday Strategy: How Democrats Can Break The Midterm Curse

Colorado, Suburban Reversion, And 2022

Sinema's Pressure Point

Chesham And Amersham: Stop Me If You Think You've Heard This One Before

Virginia Poll: Calm Down

Euro Preview: It's Coming Home

Sunday Strategy: Democracy Protection And Democratic Messaging

Bitecofer, StrikePAC, And False Prophets

New Mexico 1st Special: Expected Victory

De Gea, Democrats, And Being Stuck In The Past

NYC Mayor: Yang Falls Apart

Texas, Dobbs, And The GOP's Refusal To Moderate

Florida: Why Democrats Fail, And What The Next Victory Looks Like

Sunday Strategy: Redistricting, And Wouldn't Start From Here

Everything Has Changed

The Fall Of Liz Cheney

Senate Strategy: How Wide Of A Map?

Scrimshaw Spotlight: Can The GOP Win Virginia?

Sunday Strategy: English Votes And American Takeaways

Final Scotland Preview: SNP Majority Unlikely

Texas 6th: Gutless Democratic Lockout Embarrassment To Party

Farewell To A Failure: Bustos Retires

Tasmania Election Preview: Some Mildly Educated Guesses

Newsom Noise: Clown Car Calamity

Dear NC Democrats: Please God Pick Cheri Beasley

Sunday Strategy: Dems Need To Keep A Tight 2022 Map

Scrimshaw Spotlight: Wisconsin, And Coalitional Fragility

A Very American Arrogance

Delusional Deference To The Successful

Texas 6th: Could The GOP Lock Out Democrats?

MTG, Midterms, And GOP's Math Problem

(Mis-)Understanding The Electorate

Mourinho, Dogmatic Certainty, And 2022

Sunday Strategy: 2022, And Cultural Comfort

The GOP's Looming Electoral College Problem

Democrats, Labour, And A Contrast In Styles

France 2022: Could Le Pen Win?

2022: Murkowski In Serious Trouble

Spieth, And Finding Your Joy

Accounting For Errors

Canada Catchup: Ford's Short Term Gamble

House '22: Lessons From Down Under Auger GOP Trouble

Sherrod Starts 2024 As Sizable Underdog

Newsom Noise: How OC Kills Recall's Chances

Room To Be Wrong

Scrimshaw Spotlight: (North) Carolina In My Mind

Nate Silver, Trafalgar, And The Signal He's Lost The Plot

Canada Catchup: Conservatives' Revolutionary Blues

Scrimshaw Spotlight: The DFW Quad

A Government Falling Apart

Scotland: Is L'Affaire Salmond Going To Cost The SNP A Majority?

The Conventional Wisdom's Asymmetrical Bias

Lessons Learned: Texas Edition

Canada Catchup: Buying Optimism On The NDP

Scrimshaw Spotlight: Forsyth's Future

The Filibuster Is Dead. Long Live The Filibuster

Strategy Sessions: The Ideological Deathzone

Hartlepool By-Election Preview: Tradition Or Tories?

California Recall: No Time

Scrimshaw Spotlight: Western Australia Recap And Analysis

Coalition To Stop Pining For The Past, Hispanic Edition

Cuomo, Franken, And Defending Dangerous Democrats

California Recall, Newsom, And Nostalgia

Specials: Orange County A Huge Win For Democrats

Ohio, The I-71, And The Highway To Democratic Defeat

Culture Wars And Seuss Won't Save The GOP

NYC Mayor: Is Yang Inevitable?

Scrimshaw Spotlight: Show Me, Don't Tell Me, About Missouri

Jeff Jackson And Preferring Not To Speak

What Victory Looks Like

Sinema's Supremely Stupid Stunt

Scrimshaw Spotlight: The Two Wisconsins

Alaska: A Key Democratic Target?

Exit Music (For A Voter)

Andrew Cuomo And The Trick Is Not Minding

Midterms: Sing One You Know

Scrimshaw Spotlight: Southlake, Texas

Salvation In Simplicity

Tanden, Democrats, And Living One Mistake Away

Starmer's Struggles Continue

Stop Glorifying Political Victors

Texas 6th Preview: Lone Star Landmine

Biases And Blind Spots

Canada: Mainstreet Gives Tories A Mixed Bag

On The Beach As Texas Freezes

Starmer's Feckless Leadership

Donald Trump's Statement Risks GOP's Delicate Balancing Act

Compromise And Complicated Conversations

Texas And Florida: Uncertain Certainties

Cultists And Converts

The NRCC Is Missing The Point

A Contrast In Styles

Bitecofer's Busted Bet

Ryan Costello Is The PA GOP's Worst Nightmare

Clarity Of Language

Expectations And Reversion

Florida Democratic Problems Extend Beyond Dade

Mitt's 2012 Mirage

Knowable Errors, Georgia, And 2022

Kevin McCarthy's Taylor Greene Problem

The Coalition To Stop Pining For The Past

Senatorial Calvinball

History Isn't Decisive

Jon Ossoff And The Tale Of Two Campaigns

Mental Health And #BellLetsTalk Day

The Culture War Killed Incumbency

An Uncivil Peace

Ohio: Beginnings And Endings

The Fight For Texas Starts Now

Ohio, NC, And A Crisis Of Confidence

Bring On A "Normal" Republican

We Won

Silent Treason

Democrats, Break Up With Florida

Defund Didn't Cost Democrats

2022: Democrats Start The Cycle As House Favourites

Fetterman, Impeachment, And The Kander-Kobach Rule

Being Gay In Straight Spaces

The Lessons Of Georgia

Georgia Just Won Schumer Four Years As Majority Leader

Burn The GOP Down

The Arrogance Of Certainty